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Social Video Formula

  • Homepage: Social Video Formula Official Site
  • Product Name: Social Video Formula
  • Type of Product: Facebook Video Ads Cloud-Based System
  • Authors: Bill McIntosh
  • Target niche: Facebook Marketing, Facebook Video Ads Optimization.
  • Official Price: $27
  • Special Discount: 40% Discount (Limited Only)
  • Bonuses:Yes! You will get 2 extremely giant bonus packs. Click to see $12700 Bonuses pack and $9700 Bonuses pack! 
  • It’s very huge – You will get 2 wonderful bonus bundle that could help you earn +$135,000 in 18 months.


Facebook video ads are The Hottest New Method for driving traffic & sales for just about any business. With some recent changes and new product additions, Facebook video ads now let you do things like:

  • Get your videos viewed for less than a penny per view!
  • Drive traffic to your site for CHEAP!
  • Your video ads spread socially & go viral.
  • Retarget everyone who watched your video on Facebook & run ANY kind of ad to that audience later!
  • Run Facebook video ads where you only pay based on actual views.
  • Run Video ads that optimize based on your conversion rates!
  • Not only get cheaper traffic, but INCREASE your conversion rates at the same time!
  • And much more…

Not only is this based on Bill’s skills with traffic generation – these are the secrets of several marketers that are currently crushing it with Facebook Video ads. After interviewing many experts in just about any type of niche market we’ve distilled down all the best practices & secret optimization tips that bring massive results.

The problem is that as a Facebook marketer I have received that Facebook Marketing sucks and that I am wasting my time. I also personally have wasted thousands on:

* Bing Ads
* Google Ads
* FB Ads
* Solo Ads
* Buying lists
* BS Traffic Courses that fall flat

You probably have wasted quite a bite of money yourself because you know the importance of traffic. Without it there is no point in trying to make a single dime online.

But now, I have found out the solution for this problem.

Social Video Formula the new video ad marketing system that is taking over the internet marketing community by storm and is even making YouTube nervous!

They have a million case studies that prove that it works and it is something that very few people are taking advantage of right now.


There is no such thing as a push button software that is going to grow you a massive list in 30 days or less all on auto-pilot. If that were true EVERYONE would have massive lists and cashing in like crazy.

Social Video Formula turns “ordinary” Facebook Video Ads into unstoppable sales machines. You can generate targeted buyer traffic with just the change in your car, pockets or in your coach. That is how cheap it is to get into right now.


  1. The Brand New Video Traffic System For Turning $10 Facebook Ad Budgets Into 6
    -Figure Income Machines- Super easy, guaranteed results in 24 hours (or you get double your money back), works in any niche.
  2. Most Profitable Traffic Source
    – Cheap traffic, high click through rates, incredible income.
  3. Exploit The Brand Video Ad Revolution
    – You don’t need expensive tools, a TV studio or a team of “crack commando” copywriters.
  4. The Secret Blueprint For Creating Unstoppable Sales Machines
    – How to easily put up simple 30 second videos and create a sales avalanche.
  5. The Knockout Combo
    – Now you can “force” your way into people’s newsfeeds and drive a ton of targeted leads to any website you choose.
  6. Super Cheap Clicks
    – Get clicks for as low as $0.004 per click and generate leads and sales like there’s no tomorrow 
  7. The Profit Scaling Strategy
    – Apply fast growth techniques to turn your shoestring budget into “lifestyle” riches.
  8. Confidential Video Traffic Secrets
    – Start profiting with the 5-step video formula NO ONE (not even experienced video marketers) knows about, and rake in all the traffic, leads and sales you could ever want.
  9. The Quickest, Easiest Way to Build A Massive List For Youtube Marketers
    – Anyone can use these powerful tips, tricks and techniques to start a new income stream or create a full-fledged online business.
  10. 200% Money Back Guarantee
    – Helps you create PROFITABLE Facebook ads in the next 30 days, or you’ll get double your money back.

With Social Video Formula, you’ll possess the most effective traffic-getting method today (discovered by a team of Facebook traffic commandos). You’ll be able to pull in endless leads and sales with videos, for dirt cheap, and dominate your niche like you never imagined possible.

Social Video Formula shows you step by step on how to create simple 30 second videos and deploy them strategically.

The infiltrate people’s news feeds and spread like wildfire.

Sending you traffic like you have never seen before!

Discover here how Social Video Formula is not like those over hyped products out there and how it is EXTREMELY simple to learn this proven traffic generating formula.

There isn’t another overhyped product and as soon as you click on the link above you will see with your very own eyes that this is something that truly works and they have proof on top of proof for days.

The best part is Facebook is giving away huge volume of traffic on both free and paid ads right now to compete with YouTube. This is your chance to get your hands on the proven Social Video formula that is generating hordes of traffic and has been tested for months. I am talking about testing various methods and having case studies that backs up every one of Social Video Formula‘s claims.

I am not talking about the paid video testimonials from Fiverr or fake written testimonials.

I am talking about case study after case study that they are giving you full access to review so that you can see with your very own eyes that their Facebook Video Ad formula really will generate you traffic that you have NEVER seen before.

In fact, incredible success stories with this video traffic system are already pouring in:

* Grant, a real estate marketer, spending a tiny $10 to rake in over $250,000 worth of high quality leads.
* Sam who’s now producing $24,000 a month with this easy system.
* Scott, who sells paintings, says he’s never touching Google Adwords, radio, TV or print ads again!

And the list goes on…

Social Video Formula is based on a relatively new marketing technique so that you can get in now claim your guru status before every other marketer jumps on and saturates the market place.

Let you learn ways to generate traffic that will actually earn you a positive ROI that will scale up month after month.


Did you know that everyday 1.32 BILLION people login to their Facebook accounts?

Have you noticed lately that instead of reading statuses like I am going shopping, I just bought new shoes, or the drama between couples is barely noticeable because you see non stop videos in your news feed?

You see Facebook marketing isn’t dying! In fact Facebook marketing is taking off with video marketing. It is now trying to leap over Youtube in popularity, they are giving away massive volume of traffic on both free and paid ads. Due to Facebook’s phenomenal growth, it seems like they are on a mission that they are already achieving!

Just think when you are on Facebook how many videos do you see that are all set to auto-play on your timeline?

Everytime I login to Facebook instead of seeing status updates I see videos being shared non stop and going viral very fast!

This is because Facebook has 1.32 BILLION active users that login to their Facebook accounts on a daily basis! That is a GIGANTIC market to tap into.

I know you have heard about Facebook ads and probably have spent some money or even a ton of money with minimal results and probably are fed up with hearing the word Facebook associated with marketing period.

With Social Video Formula you will never have to worry about wasting hundreds of dollars on ads that result in you just paying for clicks and not making sales.

Social Video Formula shows you step by step on how to create simple 30 second videos and deploy them strategically.

The infiltrate people’s news feeds and go viral almost instantaneously while sending you traffic like you have never seen before!

With Social Video Formula they are literally providing you with a proven Facebook Video Marketing formula that will enable you to dominate, generate truly targeted traffic because if they watched your video and click to learn more that is a qualified lead!

No wasting money there! And you are building a huge targeted list at the exact same time!

Did you know that just between the months of May – June of this year videos on Facebook grew more than 50% and the trend is going up daily?!

Facebook wants to compete with YouTube and take over that market space too and you need to be there before every marketer jumps on board. Cash in now before it becomes saturated just like most traffic sources that are being emailed to you on a daily basis.

I am giving you a heads up on something that very few know about but is proven to work.

Want to see proof that Social Video Formula will enable you to generate TARGETED traffic of hungry buyers?

Click here to see proof of the power of Social Video Formula:

The best part is since you are a loyal subscriber when you click on that link above the creators of Social Video Formula gave me permission to give you a special of 82% off their normal retail price of $97!

Take advantage of it NOW!

That is huge savings and I must warn you there are not going to keep it around forever. It is extremely limited and will only be up for the next couple of days.

If you are sick of earning measly commissions because you have tiny lists due to lack of traffic and have tried just about every traffic generating source under the sun this is your chance to be a step ahead of 95% of fellow marketers and get in before everyone is over saturating the market place.

Stand out now!!! Make yourself an authority with your own Facebook Videos now so that you are ALWAYS the go to person even when Facebook becomes nothing but marketing videos.

By jumping in now you are beating everyone to the punch and will establish yourself early on as the go to person. This means never ending sales sent your way!

Filling your bank account and you will also have access to a never ending traffic source!

It doesn’t get any better than this! Plus on top of finally having a proven formula of generating traffic with Facebook Video Ads that will cost you less than the loose change in your car you can get your hands on the formula for 82% off if you sign up right now! Time is limited. The promotion is ending in 24 hours and if anyone misses it they will have to pay the full price of $97!



You need to jump on this now to take advantage of that Facebook is giving away huge volume of traffic on both free and paid ads right now to compete with YouTube!

This is your chance to get in build your list before prices go up as the market is saturated.




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Step 1: Press (Ctrl + Shift + Delete) Or Clean/Delete all cookie and cache of your internet browser.
Step 2: Click Here to Social Video Formula
Step 3: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at this contact page!

You will receive 2 bonus packs (Giant Pack  at $12700 + Special Pack at $9700) within 20 Hours.