Photoshop Masterclass + GFX Megapack Review

By Adam Wong | January 14, 2015

Photoshop Masterclass - Photoshop Tutorials - Learn photoshop in 180 minutes

What is Photoshop Masterclass + GFX Megapack?

The Photoshop Masterclass + GFX Megapack product is about providing its users with the opportunity to perform their own graphics designs.

The product focuses on providing the user with sufficient information about using the Photoshop application which has become the main graphics design application.

The GFX Megapack, on the other hand, offers the users of this product access to a wide range of graphics design templates which they can use. Being a tutorial, it is able to achieve this with a lot of ease.

Who has created this stunning product?

This product has been engineered by Chris Hitman. Hitman is a proficient freelancer in the Information Technology department as well as in the sales and marketing departments.

Having worked with several accomplished web and graphic designers and marketing experts, Hitman wishes to share the experience he has gained by sharing such information on products such as the Photoshop Masterclass + GFX Megapack. Hitman tries to offer easier and relatively cheaper solutions to business problems so no one should have any doubts about the expertise of this experienced freelancer.

Features to look out for in this product

Since the product is a tutorial, it offers its users with videos on how to solve graphics design problems.

The videos are clear highlighting a step by step guideline on how to develop the perfect graphics for any of the client’s customized needs.

The videos have been easily developed and all that one has to do to get familiar with the use of the Photoshop application, is simply to follow through the video.

The product starts from the basic knowledge about the use of the Photoshop application and progresses to the more advanced functions.

The Photoshop Masterclass + GFX Megapack product also comes with a bonus of receiving a pack with a large number of graphic design templates which the user can use.

These templates will make it even easier for anyone to develop their own designs.

The videos in this product are relatively of average size and length and therefore one will not be bored watching those long tutorials.

The videos are short and precise which is what anyone learning from a tutorial looks for in the videos.

The developer of this product has also ensured that the graphics design task is simplified even further by assembling all the necessary tools one may need to perform the design functions.

The user will, therefore, not have to keep checking the sidebar for the perfect tools since all the tools one will require will have been made available.

Photoshop tutorial - 7 Minutes 30 Seconds to make this graphic

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An insight on how the product will solve the design problems

Everyone who might have learned something from a tutorial, will no doubt agree that learning from a tutorial is probably the best method of learning something new.

Why? A tutorial offers the user information about all the operations one has to take to come up with a final product.

By seeing the initial design and the final design, one is able to understand better what has been done to the image in question.

The product works in the same way. It guarantees to provide guidelines on how to use the Photoshop application and begins this by providing tutorials of the first basic steps on how to use the application for example information about the tools and other design functions.

After these the product continues with more advanced design functions and there will be no need to consult a professional graphics designer since all the relevant information will be in one’s possession.

The people who need to purchase this product

The Photoshop Masterclass + GFX Megapack product is dedicated to all those who might have wished to be in a position of doing the simple graphics design tasks or their websites or for other purposes on their own.

It is sometimes frustrating to ask a designer to designer some graphics for one’s needs and the designer does not actually understand what one wants.

At that moment, one wishes he could do it by himself since he is the only one who knows what he needs. This product lets people build their own designs without experiencing any difficulties.


· All the information about graphics designing is made available in this product.

· The video tutorials in the Photoshop Masterclass + GFX Megapack product are relatively shorter but at the same time very informative and they are therefore, time-saving.

· The product has highlighted all the essential design tools one needs to pull off a perfect graphic design.

· The videos are simple to understand. One does not need to consult a professional graphics designer for him to understand how to use this product.

· The product comes with other bonuses and offers which surely make the product appear to be even cheaper.

Photoshop Tutorials - Photoshop Essentials


· For one to be successful in understanding all about the graphics design steps, one will be required to watch all the videos and also do some exercises at a personal level.

Web designing is a skill and like all other skills, practice is the only way to perfect it.

This is what said by one of the first buyers of the product

“I own a website which I use to perform my business since I sell my products on an online platform. Many of my products require that I come up with customized graphic designs for each and I have been spending a lot of money outsourcing this task to a professional designer.

This has however stopped all thanks to the Photoshop Masterclass + GFX Megapack. I just purchased this product watched all the videos and am now able to design my own graphics, as well as other web images without consulting anyone. I save more and at the same time improve my business performance.”


Those who have been outsourcing the graphic design tasks to professionals because they do not possess those skills now have a reason to smile.

Simply buy this product and the outsourcing of the design tasks will be something of the past.

One is not only guaranteed to acquire the relevant design skills but also save the cash one used to use to pay for the services of the professional graphic designers.

Visit the official website pay for it and be ready to start enjoying the benefits guaranteed by the Photoshop Masterclass + GFX Megapack.

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